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Our easy 6-step process to our projects ensures great results for our clients.


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You are on the website, half of the step complete!  Now all you need to do is use the contact page or fill out the form on the home page to get started.




Once we’ve made initial contact it will be time to complete our special briefing form.  The form allows us to collect your requirements, lets us know about your business and what goals you’re trying to achieve.  This stage is where we require the most input from our client to ensure we deliver an outstanding final product.



Internal Brief

Our Account Managers will then brief our musicians for your project and we’ll set a rough delivery date for your demo.  Time to mark it in your calendar!

Creative & Magic

Our talented musicians will go away and hand-craft your jingle to perfectly fit your brief with a bit of their own creative flair.



Delivery & Feedback

Once the demo is in our Account Manager’s hands, it will arrive in your inbox.  Over the next 7 days we will work with your feedback to produce the final piece.




You will be sent your audio package, a thank you, some further information and a very quick client satisfaction form to wrap up the project.

The Donut Package

A donut jingle is where the vocalist sings at the start of the jingle and again at the end of the jingle, leaving a hole (donut) in the middle.  Perfect to fit in your own voice-overs of current sales or events!


Full Sung Package

This package is our standard and most sought-after by our clients.  The jingle package consists of our professional vocals throughout the entire 30 second jingle and also comes with various different mixes, including the donut package.


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